Bewitched the funniest show in the 70’s

Victor villanueva, reporter

Bewitched is a comedy show. The premise of the show is a mortal married a witch. My opinion on this show is that I think is was entertaining and very funny.

Samantha (Elizabeth Montogomery) which is a witch and Darrin (Dick Sargant) which is a mortal that married a witch.

Endora (Agnes Moorehead) – Samantha’s mom trying to interfere in their marriage. Shela – Darrin’s ex trying to get him back.

The show was about a witch that married a  mortal and he told her she was but he didn’t listen so she showed him. The next day they went to dinner from Darrin’s work mate’s and his ex.

The funny part of this show is when he didn’t believe she was a witch so the guy was smoking and Samantha kept moving the ash tray. Also when they went to dinner with Darrin’s ex and Samantha kept doing things to her because she kept getting on Darrin.

I do recommend this show to people to watch because of the drama but mainly the comedy. Knowing Samantha can do stuff because she’s a witch , that’s what makes it funny.

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