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Amanda Garcia, Reporter

The Brady Bunch was a misadventures of a large family when two widowed people married. They each have three kids. It is a good a funny show to watch something is always happening.

The main characters are mike Brady played by Robert Reed. He was the father. He didn’t even like his role as Mike, but he stayed anyway for the kids. Carol Brady played by Florence Henderson. She was the mother of the Brady Bunch.

Alice Nelson was played by Ann B. Davis. She was the house keeper she took care of the children all the time but was never considered a nanny. Jan, Cindy and Cindy Brady were played by Maureen McCormick, Eve Plumb, and Susan Olsen. They were the daughters of carol. Greg, Peter, and Bobby Brady was played by Barry Williams, Christopher Knight, and Mike Lookinland. They were the sons of Mike. They all shared a very good relationship with one another.

In the very first episode made in 1969 of season 1 Mike and Carol were going to get married. They were very nervous at the beginning of the couples wedding day. Mike’s sons wanted to bring their dog not knowing Carol’s girls had a cat so Mike made them put there dog back in the car. While the wedding was going the dog escaped from the car and started chasing the cat the wedding started turning into a whole disaster.

The show was shot in California. It aired September 26, 1969. During the show the wedding and everything was good until the dog started chasing the cat. Mike and Carol yelled at the kids to stop the animals so they were chasing them around the wedding. It started getting funnier because the dog was just chasing the cat and he jumped over a lady and there was a bunch of water spilled on a lady’s chest. The cake also fell all over Mike.

I recommended this show to other because you can watch it with you family and just maybe have a laugh. Something different is always happening in the show so you never know what disaster will happen next.

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