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John Brian Gayagoy, reporter

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The T.V. show I’m reviewing today is “Bewitched”. It aired in September 17, 1964 and lasted eight seasons (254 episodes) It’s about this guy and this girl who ends up falling in love with each other. When they get married the guy then finds out she’s a witch. Its a hilarious yet romantic show to watch.

The role of witch named Samantha is played by Elizabeth Montgomery and Dick York who played the role of the husband Darrin who passed away in 1969.

Sheila Summers (Nancy Kovack) is one of the minor characters who happens to be one of Darrin’s ex’s. Sheila tends to flirt with Darrin a lot even if it’s in front of Sam. Another minor character, Endora (Agnes Moorehead) the mother of Sam, always ask throughout the seasons to leave Darrin and come home.

On the first episode, Darrin and Samantha was invited to have dinner at Sheila’s house. Throughout the dinner, it seemed that many of Sheila’s friends could not stop saying good things about her as if the whole dinner was a set up. Sheila even seated Darrin next to her other then next to Sam, which made Sam jealous.

Once Sam realized what Sheila was doing, she used her spells to ruin Sheila’s whole night. It was hilarious episode that embarrassed her, especially in front of her friends.

I recommend this show over any other classic to anyone who wants to have a great laugh. 

It’s a funny show”

— Mr. Rice (Engineering Teacher)