Gilligan’s Island

Rayniko Flores, reporter

“Gilligan Island” A group of people that went on a tour, got in to a ship wreck and was stuck on an island. I think is was a good show to watch regardless how old you are. This is not only a kid show parents can watch it to and so can old people.

There was seven main characters, Mary Ann, Gilligan, Ginger, Professor, Skipper, Thurston Howell, Eunice Howell. In the show Dawn Wells was played Mary Ann, Bob Denver played as Gilligan, Tina Louise played as Ginger. Russell Johnson played as the Professor, Alan Hate was Skipper, Jim Backus played Thurston Howell and Natalie Schafer played as Eunice Howell.

Most of the minor characters only play in one episode. They don’t talk and hang out with each other as much as the main characters do. The minor character end up on the island and just talk or sing for the main characters.

“Don’t Bug the Mosquitoes” The mosquitoes are on the island and the group of people and they are waiting to get off the island with the  mosquitoes. The mosquitoes end up leaving with out the group of people that wanted to get off the island. But, before the mosquitoes agreed to letting the girls open for there next show, Before everyone gets the chance to finish packing.

One of the funny parts in this show was when the guys tried to form a band to open for the Mosquitoes. Their band sounded horrible and the instruments were made from wood. Also, Gilligan was confused most of the time. He never realized how he was contributing to the ideas.

I would recommend this show to other viewers. This was a great show for not just kids to watch but also for like a family show also. Gilligan’s Island is interesting and funny. The show is “kid friendly” Which means you don’t have to worry about children copying inappropriate things.