Big Fellow’s Sandwich Parlor

Having a four star rating on Yelp with over 60+ reviews, Big Fellow’s Sandwich Parlor maybe one of the best sandwich parlors in Stockton, and is located at, 1701 N Wilson Way, Stockton CA. The workers take pride and joy when serving or preparing their order for their customers. With over 40 different choices of sandwiches and also having their burger “The Dusty Burger,” Big Fellow’s is a great choice to stop by if you are in the Stockton area and will be worth your while.

Honestly coming here for my first time I really didn’t expect the place to look gourmet or anything, considering that it is located on Wilson Way. Once I arrived at my destination to feast, I noticed once I was inside that the ceiling was filled with vintage hats and the place was pretty small.

Giving me so many choices from the menu it was hard for me to decide what I exactly wanted, so I ended up ordering their Famous Burger Deal, coming with a double cheeseburger with a side of onion rings and a small drink all for $10.36, it’s look a bit pricey but the quality of the food was amazing. Note, in the picture you see a cheeseburger and fries, I accidentally deleted a photo of my food, so I took picture of a friend’s.

The overall service I was given was amazing, the girl who worked on the register was very nice and enjoyed taking my order, most restaurants ask for your name for when your order is ready and they’ll probably forget your name afterwards, but here they’ll be remembering your name once you leave that door as if you just left a friends house. The cook was also very quick about the food and was also nice to tell me where the condiments were, they keep them inside the fridge where they keep their drinks. I can’t explain in words how nice the staff here was performing great service and serving quality food, you can tell that they take pride and joy while working here.

I know for sure this will not be my last visit here knowing that I will be warmly welcomed back on my next visit. I would love to recommend  this place to anyone of any age to take the time of their life to try this place out! Trust me you won’t be disappointed.