Bewitched Sitcom Review

A sitcom is a situational comedy. Bewitched being a very funny sitcom is a story about a girl named Samantha Stephens, who is a witch, and marries a ordinary human named Darrin Stephens, and the story goes on as they they face real life situations and try to solve them together without witchcraft.

Samantha Stephens is a young-looking witch who marries a mortal, and is played by Elizabeth Montgomery. Darrin Stephens is a normal human that marries Samantha and is a played by Dick York and later on by Dick Sargent. Samantha’s mother, Ednora, is the main antagonist and disapproves of her daughter’s relationship with a human, she is played by Agnes Moorehead. David White plays Larry Tate in the series and is Darrin’s profit-obsessed boss.

In the first episode of Bewitched a minor character, Sheila, who is played by Nancy Kovack, interacts with both Darrin and Samantha. One thing she did was showing a little or too much affection to now ex-boyfriend, Darrin. She invites the both of them to a potluck at her house. It show that she still has feelings for Darrin and even flirting with him still in front his wife, Samantha.  Throughout the episode it shows how easily Samantha, so she uses her magic power on Sheila and embarrassing her at her own party.

In the first pilot episode, Samantha and Darrin are introduced as the main characters, who quickly meet and marry each other. Ednora, Samantha’s mother, is also introduced during the scene of their honeymoon and it quickly shows how much she disapproves of Samantha’s new husband who she finds out is a mortal. She then tell and proves to Darrin that she is indeed a witch and is promised to never use her powers. ¬†Later both Darrin and Samantha are invited to Darrin’s ex-girlfriend, Sheila, party at her house, and jealously turns on quickly for Samantha as she sabotages Sheila at her own party.

Bewitched is an much better sitcom than, “I Dream of Jeannie”, “The Brady Bunch”, and “The Partridge Family”. Reason being is because, Bewitched quickly shows who the protagonist and antagonist are, showing quick character development proving it to have more potential to become a better show after each episode.

This show should be recommended for a revamp, for a modern and more fitting time as to now.