Nice Refreshing Drinks in Your Town

A nice day at Starbucks.

A nice cold coffee or iced tea are probably the two favorite go-to drinks. Most people probably prefer a Caramel frappe’ or a Green tea frappe’ but when it comes down to it, they might just prefer a Danish.

Starbucks, which is everyone’s go-to place when they’re on their way to work, and school has been featured all over.

Just a single store in Seattle’s historic Pike Place, Starbucks opened in 1971. Inspired by Moby Dick. Starbucks offers the most delicious coffee made.

I absolutely LOVE Starbucks, I’ll admit I’m a Starbucks feen”

— Alayzia Keo

A Perfect blend of  ice with awesome tasty flavors creates the perfect Frappuccino that feels cool going down your throat, you cant help but want for more. Wait, cant forget about the warm delicious treats they serve too. I totally recommend for anyone to try Starbucks, because once you get a sip of their drinks. You’re going to be addicted. 

How often do you buy Starbucks?

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