Gilligan’s Island

Gilligan’s Island is one of the “throwback” tv shows that can be brought back to televison as many times and will never get boring. The first episode September 26,1964. The show is funny, interresting and entertaining.

An American sitcom “Gilligan’s Island”  was created and produced by Sherwood Schwartz. The main star of the show Bob Denver which plays Gilligan sparks up the show by his funny character and his energized attitude towards everyone. He always comes up with ideas to help him and his six friends get home. Stranded on a island far away from home Gilligan still manages to keep everyone in good hopes of one day getting off the island.

The show is based on seven people doing all they can to get off an island and get home. In episode 17 “You’ve been disconnected” Gilligan went out to find some turtle eggs on the shore and came across a communication cable. Russell Johnson the professor used a various saws to try and cut through the cable but all the saws broke. Gilligan then came up with an idea like always to escape the island.

Although the show is about seven people stranded far away from their homes, everyone seems to still have a smile or a laugh due to the good moments through out each show, even during all the stress of figuring out a way to get off the island.

Episode 12 “Don’t bug the Mosquitos” everyone thought there was a way to finally get off the island which was through a famous group back then called the Mosquitos, which turned out to be a epic fail due to the annoyance of everyone. That then led Mosquitos to leave the island without letting anyone know.

Gilligans island is a authentic television show from the 60’s that is still watched today by a variety people around the world .