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Lipstick and Eye Shadow, Do’s and Don’ts

Hi ladies, I’m back and here to tell you what I consider Do’s and Don’ts of lipsticks and eye shadows. Lets begin with lipstick, shall we. If you are of a bit darker shade than the Caucasian woman; like myself, lighter lipsticks are a definite DON’T for me. I prefer more of the brown shades that are in the middle between nudes and dark browns. I have a favorite lipstick by Wet N’ Wild it’s called Mocha-licious. I can’t leave my house without it! And for us darker shaded women I highly recommend you check it out. I also watched this video on YouTube about all the products they’ve tried and that they liked or disliked; on the video I seen a pink lipstick with a brown type of color lip liner and it looked beautiful! I tried it personally and it came out so pretty! Unfortunately I did not take a picture of what it looked like on me. So my point is most of the time light bright colors on darker tinted girls doesn’t always work. And same with light girls and too dark colors.

As for the eye shadow ladies, remember as I have mentioned in previous blogs natural colors are the most beautiful. Even if it is darker browns it is always pretty and really makes the color of women’s eyes POP! I personally really do not like bright neon colors on the eyes. I have learned from experimenting with them, trust me stay away! I also have to say if you are one of those people who like to do or want to try a smokey eye with black and grey and white, try different greys; because yet again from experience greys tend to look a bit on the blue side. So remember always try to look naturally beautiful with accents to the eyes so that way more people will be directly stuck on your eyes! Aim for that and I promise it will make you feel so wonderful!