Road to Gold: Blog 6

Play Draven, win games

After numerous attempts of trying to reach Gold again, it just seems to hard. Trying to get back to Silver I is hard enough, especially with all the idiotic people I have to deal with.

Well yesterday was a good day for me. Play about two rank games and then just playing normal games with a few friends just to have a laugh.

Last night playing two Draven games, I went 21-7-7 my first game and 13-3-4 on my second game. I had a few bad plays my first game, initially getting constantly caught and ganked by both the middle lane and jungle to help their ADC to get ahead of me, but I had just as many good ganks as him which also helped me get ahead. Also Draven’s passive helped which is called, League of Draven, which lets me get more extra gold from killing a enemy champion, after farming as many creep kill I can get to stack up my passive.

If you haven’t noticed yet Draven is my most favorite champion to play as ADC.

Second game was alright, was constantly harassed by Thresh and Lucian, who keeps grabbing me and auto-attacking me. As annoying as they were I was able to get first blood on the Lucian. Surprisingly all lanes were winning! So much joy to have easy game. I find Draven to always have a easy game, just because of how much damage he can do with just his Q alone. This second game was also funny, because their bottom lane was bad-mouthing everyone, because they assumed that they won their lane, which they weren’t.

I took a break from rank and started doing my calculus homework, this class has also made me realize that I really HATE math. Went to go shower and eat before getting back and playing one more game with a few friends before going to bed. Initially I was just going to play Vayne to test her, but little did I know, she can be very viable and dangerous if played right as ADC.