Road to Gold: Blog 1

The roles and the carries.

Last night, April 29, I was playing a few games before heading to bed. In LoL, there are certain roles and play style you must learn and adapt too, depending on the role you are playing. The game’s map consist of three different lanes top, middle and bottom, with the jungle also taking up most of the map. You will always be playing from two different sides such as purple and blue side.

The five main roles consist of the top laner, who is usually either a attack damage (AD) or ability power (AP) bruiser, or usually someone who is tanky. The meta now usually consist of the tanky AD bruisers champion such as Shyvana, Jax or Renekton. Middle consist of you main AP carry, unless on some situation a anti-mage/AD bruiser. You bottom lane consist of two players, the support and the AD carry (ADC). Your support should usually be someone who can eat up the damage being taken while the ADC, who is ALWAYS a range attacker, hits them from the side. Lastly the fifth lane, well technically not a lane, but the jungler is possibly one of the more important roles, not saying all of them aren’t important, but the jungler usually carries most of the burden of them team, such as being able to gank for an ally in need, or getting objectives such towers, dragon and Baron. Jungler is also the support of the team, but can also turn the game or make it one-sided depending and how the player plays.

Before going back out to bed, I went on to play about three rank games last night.  All three happened to be ADC, which is my main role, I ended up winning two out of three of the games. Thus, putting back into my series from Silver II to Silver I.