How I Came Across Wattpad

Blog #2

Hey guys! I’m back! How have you guys been? Can you believe that’s its only Wednesday? This week is going by so slow! Did you guys know that’s it’s supposed to be in the 90s this week!? Well in California at least. I can’t wait until summer which means more reading on wattpad! I finished “Ambitious Girl” yesterday evening, and then started reading a new book called “A Hood Girl Named Carter” so far it’s an interesting story. I can probably read 3 books a day on wattpad if I had the time. But you know, school gets in the way sort of.

I’ll probably finish this book today. I remember the very first time I discovered wattpad… I was actually on another website where people write their own books called Miss Literati. I couldn’t sleep one night and was just surfing the web until I seen an ad about this website, so I decided to check it out. After I read just one book on Miss Literati I was hooked on online books.

So I tried to find more books similar to the one I first read. When I couldn’t I just started looking for different apps and websites and that’s when I came across wattpad. I’ve been hooked ever since.