Blog 4: Easy Updo

For those hot or lazy days, you don’t always have to do your hair. A bun can always give you a elegant look with any outfit, whether its a messy bun, sock bun, side bun or any bun. Let’s talk about sock buns, this has been around for as long as i can remember, why do they call it a sock bun? Well, to make a sock bun you need a tube sock, cut the toe part of the sock then roll it into a donut and there’s your sock part of the sock bun. How to put it on, tie your hair midway on your head, into a ponytail. Doing so pull your ponytail through the hole of the sock bun, then placing the sock bun onto the tip of the ponytail then rolling it downwards tucking the hair and then you should have your sock bun. If you have any strays of hair don’t be scared to pin in them with a bobby pin.