Blog 1: Soft Curls

For more a casual day, try pairing your outfit with a soft yet fashionable curls. Since my model had yesterdays hair we use a little bit more products. First start off with any type of dry shampoo, I used Doves dry shampoo, dry shampoo helps with the oiliness within the roots of your hair, in doing so part your hair in sections and spray 6ft aways from your roots and then spray enough to the roots, repeat this process until its to your desired look. After doing that, I added a heat protectant, which you should use every time you use any heat tools. I then used the Conairs 1 1/2 inch curling iron to curl her hair, I then sectioned it off into half since she has short hair, if you have long hair you wouldn’t have to section it off more to just curling the tips. I started from the bottom and worked my way up, leaving the curl iron for less than 6 seconds and then letting go and repeat. Spray hairspray to the bottom section for long lasting curls and there’s your effortless soft curls.