Not just a sneaker obession

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Although there is many more sneakers that sneakerheads rave about I listed my top four, to give a little sense of what kind of sneakers I collect and what colorways grab my attention. Collectors might like simple everyday casual sneakers, but me I prefer sneakers that scream “look at me!”

Sneaker have been around for the longest, about three decades ago the outbreak of collectors started when Michael Jordan created his first shoe The Jordan 1’s. Many color ways of theĀ JordanĀ 1’s were released but the his most limited were Royal 1’s and Bred 1’s. Since then every year of his basketball career Jordan came out with different sneakers and until this day he is still releasing sneakers that shoe heads rave about.

Lebron James is the NBA’s leading shoe saleman. His signture sneakers are always raved about everywhere, his designs, his colorways and just different things he creates that makes sneaker enthusiants want more of his sneakers. James being MVP on the court makes collectors want his rare sneakers and anticipate waiting for his new releases.

Number two leading shoe saleman is Kevin Durant with his signture sneakers that
he makes affordable to his public, it gives them the opportunity to buy raved about sneakers for a lesser price. Fans really like his style, creations and how some of shoes have special meanings to him. KD is as popular on the court to becoming the next MVP as to being the number one shoe saleman.

Kobe Bryant ranks number 3 in best selling signature sneakers, from all different styles to most popular sneakers everyone has to have a pair of kobes. Other than the fact that there super comfortable the colorways are like no sneakers. Kobe might notn be that popular on the courts as much anymore, his sneakers don’t lose popularity.