Introduction Money Blog

This is a blog about money. Money can bring the good in almost everything. When you are most depressed, or when you need something to make your day. Money brings you happiness, women, cars, clout, and More money. I use my money for my own expenses such as shoes, cloths, or when I need to attend an event. The more you use money maturely the better your expenses will be. Rich people don’t really have to worry about using their money maturely because they will always have money to spend. Traveling is one thing almost all Americans want to do and it all cost money. Taking a plane, train, driving, or even boating all cost money.
Although money can bring the good in almost everything, it can also have a bad affect like an addiction. There are a lot of people who like to gamble, and some people are just addicted to it. They said “scared money don’t make money.” Just that quote makes you want to gamble, because when you get the chance to make more money then you already have in just minutes, you tend to get that feeling like your going to make it happen when really your just addicted.
Besides all the addiction you have the lottery. I know a lot of people who spend money on the lottery every week. I personally feel that winning the lottery should be one’s only gamble because it is only a dollar, and just plain luck. I have all the requirements to win the lottery so sooner or later I will. Today is 4/30/14, the last money day of the month, until tomorrow the month of May ware all the money comes my way. with a job