An Eye Catching Story

Blog #6

I’m back! With a new story to share with you guys. I probably won’t be seeing any of you in a while. I hate to say it, but this is the last blog I’m going to do. I like telling you guys about my day and all, but it can get tiring kind of fast.

The new story I’m reading is called “Not Looking for Love” I just started reading it this morning, and I’m on chapter five. This story is about a girl named Dyamon who is going thru it. Her dad left her and her little brother Daniel a few years ago, and she has an evil half-sister named Danyelle. Their mom is abusing drugs, and alcohol really bad. One day Danyelle’s boyfriend Antony and his clique stopped m=by the house, and Dyamon was in the kitchen minding her own business when one of Antony’s friends, Devin seen her. For the both of them it was like love at first sight.

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Then the same night, Devin and his clique that included Antony meets Dyamon at the park after she gets into an altercation with her mom. After the rest of the boys left, she found herself telling Devin her whole like story.

I really like this book you guys! I feel like Dyamon and Devin are going to end up together in the future.  (D+D)