A New Book

Blog #5

Hello everyone! How was you guys weekend? I had fun this weekend I stayed the whole weekend over my best friends house for her 15th birthday. We played kid games, the Xbox, ate, and just hung out with other friends.

I’ve found a new book to add to my library on Wattpad. It’s a story that’s interesting and eye catching. The book is called “Attention Thirsty” and it’s about a girl in high school named India, and she has a huge crush on the schools playboy, Keoni. She meets Sasha, her new best friend and gets taught how to catch boys’ attention. One day Keoni walks into Cold Stone (India’s job) and notices that she’s in his 7th period class. They start to talk, and he starts to notice her, and one thing leads to another and next thing you know. She’s pregnant. Keoni, the schools playboy doesn’t want anything to do with the child until India is in her 7th month. He had become a proud father of Bentley, so he took them to meet his parents that didn’t know about the pregnancy and talks down on India when she arrived. After proving that Bentley is Keoni’s  she moving to Seattle Washington with her current boyfriend to help his mother.

I know you guys. The stories I read can be pretty intense, but at least it’s never a boring story.

I like India, people saying she’s selfish but she’s just doing the best for Bentley

— TheOfficialEasia