MLB Showdown Catchers

Outfielders and infielders we already have gone over. Catchers is today’s topic. Catchers are one of the most important positions in this game. If you have a weak catcher singles are going to turn into doubles because guys with speed will steal all over you. The previous sets we had defensive catchers at +9 and plus +10 defense. In these sets catchers are at +6 +5 +7 +8. The numbers are really low compared to the previous sets. There is only 1 person in these sets that have a +9 and that is Ryan Hannigan.

At this position i would recommend defense instead of offense. My past season I ran with Buster Posey who has +6 defense. he is an offensive catcher but he only homers at 20. I do not recommend playing Buster at 410 points. Joe Mauer is one the I do like. He his an on base of 10 and has +8 defense. the down fall to his card is that he does not have a homer on his chart. I want to say that he is 350 points.

There is really not that many good catchers out there.  AJ Ellis is on base of 6 and has plus +8 he is 110 points if you like that option. Russell Martin is on base of 8 and has +8 defense at 210 points. Probably the best overall catcher in the game Yadier Molina. He has on base of 9 and +8 defense with good chart. If you could target a guy that would the man to get.

On my team right now i have Salvador Perez 7 on base with +7 defense at 170 points. My back up catcher tony cruz at 10 points 5 on base +6 defense which i think is really good for a back up he is only 10 points helps you run a good pitching staff of a good line up however you choose. Get a good catcher! You will regret it if you do not.