MLB Showdown Infielders

I have  been looking over some infielders and maybe some guys you may want to target in your guys draft. These next two guys are both on base of ten, Matt Carpenter and Dustin Pedroia. They both can play 2nd base and they are at a cheap price. Pedroia is at 400 points and carpenter is less than that. Their speed is both A speed which is really good so they can steal some bases and score on base hits. Remember that SPEED KILLS and speed never goes into a slump.

Shortstop you’re walking a thin line here not too many good ones out there on the market, in my draft I went with Troy Tulowitzki, a on base of 10 and hits a home run at 19-20. He was also my 1st overall pick in the draft he was 460 points which I think was a great deal and his defense is a +4 the max at that position is a 5. He also has average speed so I see him being middle of the order. Some guys that maybe your looking to fit into your roster that are good at cheap price is Jose Iglesias, 240 points, +5 defense, and speed 21. Stephan Drew 260 points 8 on base + 5 defense with a great opportunity to hit extra bases. Jose Reyes at 330 and on base of 9 great speed and good defense. If had to rank these with tulo being 1st I say Iglesias, reyes, and then drew.

The third base men I really like two of them the MVP back to back years Miguel Cabrera he has an ON BASE of 11 the highest in the game. His points are really  high as you expect his points is 620. His speed is a 9 but that’s too expected because he is a power hitter. The next 3rd basemen that I like is David Wright. He has an on base of 10 and just a contact hitter but he is he does have some power he homers at 20 but I would bat him 5th or 6th in a solid line up if that’s the route your going.

The last position is 1st base. There are so many options at this spot. I’m not really gonna go into detail but I will give you some names. Joey Votto on base 11, Paul Goldsmitch on base 10, carlos santana on base 10, there really is a bunch of them if it was random you would be happy with anyone you got