So pretty!

Makeup and us girls!

Hi there ladies and gentlemen, my name is Jaquelin. I am an 18 year old young lady, and I love make up. Honestly what girl doesn’t? We were all little once and couldn’t wait to use make up even though we had no idea how to use it. I know I was like that, I could not wait to use all of it and I still have yet to try everything. I will be completely honest, I was terrible at my make up at first. I started at age 13, it didn’t turn out so great. But now I would say I’m good at it. From experience, YouTube tutorials are awesome to learn from. Especially if you try something yourself at first and it doesn’t work; check YouTube. If you are interested in going to Cosmetology school I know of a few highly recommended schools that you can check out.

There is a lot to make up, much more than what a usual man would think of. There’s foundation; liquid, press powder, loose powder, creme to power, and I am sure more that I haven’t discovered. There’s mascara; every girl has a particular mascara they love or have to find to love. I personally do not like soft hair like brushes, I use the type that are plastic like brushes. There’s blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, lipgloss, eyebrow pencils, concealer, etc. With all these there are different types of each, it is amazing how much there is of it. Why do we use all of it? I don’t have a for sure answer. Every girl might have a different answer for that. As for me; I use it because I think it makes me look prettier, and I feel prettier with it. And now I hate not having make up on, once you start it’s hard to go a day without it.