Most Influential Hard Rock Bands – Intro

There are many opinions for this type of topic. Many more personal than others. When it comes to the hard rock genre in the music industry, it is important that we remember those artists that “paved the way” for the new modern rock bands.

Over the course of these six days we will be looking at some of the bands who have entertained us with hard rock. From Metallica in the 1980’s, to System of a Down in the early 2000’s, there is many talent who deserve tribute. We are only going to look at six bands who all made millions by playing the music that they love. Many should be at the top, but we are only covering six of the more memorable bands throughout history. The six will involve: Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, System of a Down, Led Zeppelin, and Queen.

Many bands can be great, but not as influential as others. The influence that these bands create are often imitated, though the imitations come nowhere close to the originality of the big bands. The reason they are so influential is because they are original with their work, using different styles to play in one genre. They change the traditional style for it to be considered original. The list of hard rock bands is vast, but the list of the most influential is so small. That list is becoming slimmer as well.

Grammy Awards and other prestigious awards are also a huge compliment and testament to how a band plays and performs. We can’t forget all the award nominations these bands received, or all the ones that they have won. Metallica has had 59 award nominations and has won 31, for example. It is much easier to get nominated than to win an award, but for some, it is all about the fans.

About Me:  For starters, my name is Alejandro Flores. I have been a drummer since the age of four, and  I enjoyed every bit about drumming. I am currently in a band named “Hiatus” as their drummer and occasional rhythm guitarist and bassist.