College Day

Representing Our Dream College

College Day was just one of the spirit days of Spirit Week that happened on Tuesday, September 29 at Chavez. Many of the Chavez students from each grade level had dressed up as something college-related, whether they had dressed up as a mock college student or had wore a sweater that had a college name or logo on it.

Students who had participated in College Day wore something, mainly it was a sweater, that represented the college that they had either liked or had wanted to go to. Many students wore a sweater probably because it was kind of cold that day. 

The majority of the school actually just wore college sweaters. Some college sweaters that they were wearing was University of the Pacific, Sac-State, or Stanford. Even some of the teachers had participated in College Day. Many students were happy during that day. They got to show some of their “college spirit”.

A student that was interviewed was wearing a green Oregon State college sweater.

“It’s my favorite college,” Ky’Tavia Stafford-Carreker, a senior in the Health SLC, had said. “It’s one of my top five colleges.” She was actually even born in Oregon.

Senior Ruben Coronado, in the Engineering SLC wore a red Stanford sweater for College Day.

When asked if he bought it from the college itself, he said, “It was a gift. It was just handed to me.”

Another student that was interviewed was wearing a Fresno State College muscle tank top.

“I wore my Fresno State shirt because I went on a trip with squad to Fresno State College for the Engineering SLC College tour,” John Brian Gayagoy, a junior in the Engineering SLC said.

“I might go to Fresno State,” Gayagoy said, “because their acceptance rate is high.”

Fresno State also has a good football program,” Gayagoy said, “which I’m looking into because I just want to play football during college.”

Cesar Chavez High School Engineering SLC College Tour Trip during the spring.
Ferline Chan Ayo
Cesar Chavez High School Engineering SLC College Tour Trip during the spring.

“For College Day, I wore an Oklahoma Sooners shirt because I visited and competed on their field last summer.” John Michael Supangan, a junior in the Health SLC said.

“It would be cool if I could go to Oklahoma,” Supangan said, “but I really want to go to UC Davis.”

“I know that Oklahoma is a very traditional school that really cares about their students graduating and living a good life.” Supangan said.

Of course, there were many other students who wore college-related clothing, but we could not interview all the students. That’s a lot of students to talk to. On an every other day-to-day basis, many students already wear their college sweaters because of how much of a trend it has become. Many students and teachers had enjoyed it. In the end, it had a great outcome.