Pizza Taste Amazing.

Pizza may be one of the best food to eat when you are hungry. There are all kinds of different toppings you can chose from. There are pepperoni, combination, cheese, hawaiian and so much more. You can get pizza pretty much anywhere.

I surveyed fifty people at school and majority of them preferred pepperoni over the other three choices. 48% of student picked it as their favorite type of  pizza.

According to student Kimberly Heng, “Combination is the best pizza”. 32% of student chose combination because they like the bell peppers, mushrooms, onions and olives on it that makes it a mouth full of savoring flavors.

Apparently nobody likes cheese pizza.

“Pineapples are good for you”, says Jyniva Sam and Maritza Shoreque says,”It’s great”.  20% of students picked hawaiian pizza because of the pineapple.

“Pizza is life”, says Kimlee Cheav.

What is your favorite type of pizza?

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