Soccer, also known as “Football” or “Futbol” is a widely known and played sport. it is very popular in Europe. It is an intense sport. Football is a very thrilling contact sport with many fans. This exciting sport is full of big hits, injuries and very intense games. Baseball is a big sport in america and loved worldwide. Basketball is a highly played sport in America and loved by many countries.

The majority of people prefer soccer over football or football over basketball. Others claim that soccer is life. Students were interviewed and here’s what they had to say:

“I prefer football because I like the intensity of the games,” said Alberto Magana of CAPA slc.

“I grew up with soccer its been my favorite sport since I was a kid,” Octavio Padilla says of the Communication Technology slc.

Saul Diaz of the Communication Technology slc said, ” I’ve been playing soccer for many years and I’m passionate about it.”