Dancing Feet

Ms.Eaton is the dance teacher at Cesar Chavez highschool. I am in her 3rd period class and we have a dance final coming up. For this final we have to perform a solo routine that we made up ourselves. We are being graded on knowing the dance, facial expressions and a lot of other things.

I went around and asked all the students in my class that were present which was about 39 students. They are not confident about performing by themselves. “I feel like I am not going to pass because I can’t dance,” Teasa Searcy, freshman, said.”I’ll try my best.” Coming up with choreography comes easy to some but harder to others.

Eliana Pinzano-Morales, senior, said, “I do not think I am going to pass because I can not think of a song to dance to.” While others are not as worried. “I am most definitely going to pass this final,” said Lacy Birch. “This final is kinda hard,” Tori Ross, freshman, said, “but I know that I’m going to pass.”

Out of 39 students seven felt like they were not going to pass. 20% are going to peform a Lyrical dance, 20% are going to perform a Jazz Combo, 10% are going to do Ballet and the other 28% are going to perform Hip-hop. Everybody is going to try no one is going to not do it. This final is pressuring for a lot of us but we will it our best shot.

What style of dance are you going to do for the final?

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