The Seven Cast a Ways

The Mysterious Ship Wreck

angelicas and anas gilligans island GI - Angelica Thornton 2The show Gilligan’s Island first aired on September 24, 1964 on CBS. The ratings were great so they continued for a total of three seasons. The first season was in black and white and the last two seasons were in color. The shows last airing was on September 4,1967. You can still view this show on the network MeTv or you can buy the season on DVD.

Bob Denver starred as the main character Gilligan. Gilligan has the personality of a child , but he always finds a way to help his friends . Alan Hale Jr. played as Gilligan’s best friend The Skipper. Skipper’s character was like an older brother for Gilligan. He always to correct, support, and give him the tough love that he needs to function. Russell Johnson was another main character who played as The Professor. The Professor always tried to find and try out new ways to get him and his friends off of the island .

There were many other characters who helped the show proceed.  Such as, Thurston Howell III (Jim Backus ) and his wife Eunice “Lovely” Wentworth Howell (Natalie Schafer) who played as the millionaires. They got along well with the other characters , but always got very irritated with Gilligan. Ginger Grant (Tina Louise) and Mary Ann Summers (Dawn Wells) played as young women who helped keep the house hold together. They prepare the food and do laundry, etc.

The show is about seven cast always who went on what was supposed to be a three hour cruise. The weather got very bad and a terrible storm came and crashed the ship on deserted island. They had no luxuries beside what was left on the  boat. That included, a radio that belonged to Gilligan, and some how never ran out of batteries.

In the half an hour that the show was being presented, Gilligan and his friends always used their resources at hand to try to find a way to leave the island. Unfortunately, their ideas never seem to work.


Gilligan’s Island was a top rated show. It is a must see for all ages .