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Horoscope For May 21, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

May 21, 2016

Today's Birthday (05/21/16). It's all for family and household this year. New beginnings at home lead to career changes after summer. Plan a collaboration for late summer launch. Your heart leads you for a romantic two-year p...

Horoscope for April 20, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

April 20, 2016

Today's Birthday (04/20/16). Play full out this year. Take time for family and romance after 5/9. Invest for the future after 8/13. A two-year work boom begins 9/9. Family windfalls and new love after 9/1 lead to group changes ...

Horoscope for April 11, 2016


April 11, 2016

  Today's Birthday (04/11/16). To really learn this year, go to the source. Meticulously plan. Launch creative endeavors after 5/9, scheduling travels, investigations and exploration for after 8/13. Beginning 9/9, partne...

Horoscope for April 1, 2016

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency (TNS)

April 1, 2016

    Today's Birthday (04/01/16). Explore this year. Your good work pays off (after 5/9). Save and plan for a trip (after 8/13). Begin a partnerships with people (after 9/9). Being perfect (9/1) sparks passion int...

Horoscopes for November 2, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

November 2, 2015

Today's Birthday (11/02/15). Together you're unstoppable this year. Being smart with your money produces satisfying results. A spring romance prevents a goodbye. Next autumn reveals a community breakthrough. Keep it fun. Take bol...

Horoscope for November 27, 2013

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency (MCT)

November 27, 2013

To get the advantage, check the day's rating: 10 is the easiest day, 0 the most challenging. Aries (March 21-April 19) Today is a 9 -- Your love goes to the moon and back. Balance priorities with your partner. Listen to a c...

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