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No More FRAC?

Ariana Montgomery and Carrie Hang

August 22, 2014

From the beginning of this school year (2014) I took notice to how I couldn’t tell the difference from freshman to the upperclassman. My friends and I were confused on why the incoming freshman didn’t have the black and yellow...

Ana plays Badminton

kassandra gonzalez, editor

April 8, 2014

Ana Saechao, Freshman, is on the JV Girl's Badminton team. This is her first year playing badminton. "I thought it would be fun, I wanted try something new. Also some people recommended it to me."  Saechao said. Saechao e...

Elizabeth first year playing badminton

Kassandra Gonzalez, Editor

March 28, 2014

                Elizabeth Nyguen, is a freshman on the Chavez Jv Girl's Badminton team. She has been playing for about a month since badminton started. She first join because her friends wanted her to. "Before a game,...

Kyla New To Badminton

Kassandra Gonzalez, Editor

March 12, 2014

Kyla Trio, Freshman, play for JV Women's Badminton team. She been playing since the summer time. She thought it was fun and she wanted to try it out in high school. "Before my games, I prepare myself by stretching" said Trio....

Dennis Miller Joins Basketball

Patrick Nguyen, Alyssa Dean, Editor in Chief, Editor

February 3, 2014

Dennis Miller, freshman, is a part of Cesar Chavez's Boy's Basketball team and is 5-foot-7 and weighs about 123 pounds and represents number three. Dennis has played in 17 games games and has scored a total of 3.2 points a game...

Zubair ” The Terminator”

Catherine Dean, Editor

October 30, 2013

  Zubair Ali plays Middle Line Backer, and center for Cesar Chavez high school freshman football team. Ali is number 57, 14 years of age, and 5 feet 8 inches tall. Ali says he, loves the game of football and having...

Taking after her sisters footsteps

Oleyssia Vallesteros, Editor

September 13, 2013

This season Sonya Jones takes the court on the fresmen volleyball team. With no experience at all, she trys out for the team. "I watched my sister play and it looked fun," Sonya Jones, freshman, said. Jones got help from...

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