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Horoscope for December 15, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

December 15, 2015

Today's Birthday (12/15/15) Expand your territory, with Saturn in your sign this year. Renew your home this spring for a social year, especially after Jupiter enters Libra (on 9/9). Creative collaborations thrive. New professi...

Horoscope for November 7, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

November 7, 2015

Today's Birthday (11/7/15) Play together and win this year. Take on challenging competitors. Practice consistently and profit. Springtime romance leads into a peaceful reflective phase. Community breakthroughs this autumn come bef...

Horoscope for October 1, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

October 1, 2015

Today's Birthday (10/1/15). Blessings sprout in peaceful self-analysis this year. Disciplined communications reap long-term benefits. Spring eclipses bring new beginnings in school and health, with breakthroughs in personal growth. ...

Horoscope for September 7, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

September 7, 2015

Today's Birthday (9/7/15). This is your year for personal power and confidence. Take advantage and take leadership. Partnership is essential for impactful results and blooming after 3/8. Let your heart guide you. To get the ...

Horoscope for June 1, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

June 1, 2015

Today's Birthday (06/01/15). This is your year for self-expression! It may be hard to avoid the spotlight. Support your partners. Together, build a revolution. Realize dreams at work. Grow your house stronger. October eclipses il...

Horoscope for April 21, 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

April 21, 2015

Today's Birthday (04/14/15). Discover new ways to make your passions pay this year. Your networks have everything you need. Get specific with requests. Communication is your golden ticket. Launch a new creative collaboration. ...

Horoscope for April 2, 2015

Nancy Black, reporter

April 3, 2015

Today's Birthday (04/02/15). Play full out this year. Go for love, health and prosperity. Share epic adventures and magical moments. Collaboration requires adaptation after 4/4. Work together for a shared dream. Doors appear aft...

Horoscope for March 22, 2015

Nacny Black, reporter

March 22, 2015

  Today's Birthday (03/22/15). Here's a peaceful ritual: invent a dream or adventure to realize this year. It's a creative gestational period. Pay extra attention to your mate after April, before summer activities bustle. A t...

Horoscope for March 12, 2015

March 12, 2015

Today's Birthday (03/12/15). To realize a dream this year, dedicate yourself and get others involved. Teamwork is your golden key. The Vernal Equinox in your sign (3/20) illuminates your charisma and personal power. Plan and...

Horoscope for February 4 , 2015

Nancy Black, Tribune Content Agency

February 4, 2015

Today's Birthday (02/04/15). Get social this year! Friends, family and partnership ties feed your heart and spirit. Party for a good cause. Creative collaborations thrive, leading to increased income especially after 3/20. One...

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