First Amendment Article

Fernando Espinosa, Reporter

First Amendment Article


The First Amendment protects our rights of freedom of religion, speech, press, to assemble and to petition. One important piece of evidence is the West Virginia School Board of Education vs. Barnette of 1943. This case revealed that the freedom of religion is applied at school. The students were originally suspended and were considered illegally absent. The Supreme Court ruled that the students had done no harm.

Joel Barnette said, “I’m glad the government stood by my side and protected my religious beliefs.”

Another piece of important evidence is that a New Prairie High School student, Megan Pellow, was told she had to remove one of the students’ quotes from an article before administrators could approve. Megan Pellow was allowed to publish an article about different views on same sex marriage but without the names of those who quoted about their opinions. The superintendent said it did not meet the standards for the classroom. Pellow then started a petition online to pressure administration and later was allowed to publish the story originally.

Megan Pellow said,” I don’t believe I should have to remove the names I have received the consent of all those who were quoted.”

The last piece of important evidence is that the K.K.K rally shows that everyone has the right to assemble. The members of this group were allowed express their opinions. They also had police protection and were allowed to say their point of views and answer questions.

I said, ” the rally made no sense because one of the members said that they don’t burn crosses they just light them up.”