The First Amendment is Important

Eduardo Estrada, Reporter

Religion, speech, press, petition, and assembly are our rights. The first amendment protects theses rights.

This court case proved that freedom of speech is protected at school. Tinker vs Des Moises Independent School District, 1969 allowed students to silently protest on school campus. Students who were wearing black arm bands were originally suspended. The Supreme Court ruled it violated their first amendment rights.

“I love that the government protects my freedom of speech,” said Christian Aldrete.

A journalism student was arrested when reporting at a protest. Desiree Mathurin didn’t feel the need to move when asked by a police officer because she had a press pass. When arrested, she faced disorderly conduct. She plans to contest the charge January 26 at her court date.

“It shouldn’t have happened,” said Mathurin.

The K.K.K. rally showed that everyone has the right to assemble. They were allowed to share their views. They had police to protect them and their rights. They had a permit to do it.

“I don’t approve of the K.K.K. but I’m glad the government protects our right to assemble,” said Chainarang Dechyothin.