The First Amendment

Duyen Duong

The First Amendment of the United States Constitutions protects the right of expression from the Government interference. This right applied all of High School and Elementary students. It’s very important for each country on the world.

The right to freedom of speech allows individuals to express themselves without interference or constraint by the Government .For example in the ”Live Free” video, it said John Peter Zenger was a journalism who expressed his opinion on his newspaper about the colonial governor.

I believe John Peter Zenger was a very good journalism.

The right of freedom speech is always protected by the First Amendment.The KKK Rally is a example of it, they have the right to free speech and beliefs.

I don’t support the KKK Rally because they separated people.

The right of speech should spread all of the world. Because of it right and beneficial of it, it may connect our Government with their citizens.However, there is some country like Vietnam, they don’t let their citizens express their opinions.The Government of Vietnam banned, punished and penalized people who says bad things about the Government.

That’s the reason of many family moved to the United State.

The First Amendment right is very important not only for the United States, it for all the world.It could makes people can express their opinion. It also connects The Government with their Citizens.