First Amendment and Its Effects on Expression

Jorge Alcaraz

Everyone has certain rights that are protected by the First Amendment. In certain cases the First Amendment does not offer complete immunity.

During the Morse v Frederick case in 2007, the supreme court ruled in favor of the school. The court ruled that the school did not violate the student’s rights by confiscating the banner and suspending him. In addition the court ruled that school officials reacted responsibly.

The supreme court stated, “Schools may take steps to safeguard those entrusted to their care from free speech that can reasonably be regarded as encouraging illegal drug use.”

Another right that is guaranteed by the first amendment is the freedom of the press, something which a high school in Rio Rancho has violated. A student at Cleveland High in Rio Rancho had to write a story for a creative writing class. The story featured Jesus Christ handing out medicinal marijuana to sick people, put Katrina Guarascio, a teacher, out of a job.

“I built a community of writers,” she said. “I hope that because of this situation everything that I’ve worked for doesn’t just disappear.”

Finally the right to assemble is also guaranteed by the First Amendment.  A family of KKK members located in Texas assembled to protest a gay pride parade. People have the right to protest even if they don’t share the same views.

In retaliation to the KKK rally, people took to chanting, “Racists go home!”