Loosing It All

Melissa Hewlett, reporter

When being a journalist, ethics is a major priority. Journalist must have the proper morals to be successful.

Stephen Glass wrote lies and made up stories that he made up. Glass wrote forty-one for the “New Republic” and for the “Rolling Stone” magazine. Out of the forty-one stories, twenty-seven were either partially or fully made up. He loved giving people entertaining stories. He was caught by “Online Forbes” when they tried to find information on his story “Hackers Heaven”. Glass was suspended for two years but after more digging by Chuck Lane, Glass was fired immediately.

Today Glass is trying to become a lawyer but because of his past, in the states of California and New York, they will not let Glass become a lawyer. Glass is currently living in California and is still trying to become a lawyer.

Janet Cooke was a journalist who won the Pulitzer Prize for writing an article about a boy named Jimmy. In the story “Jimmy’s World” by Janet Cooke, the eight year old boy is addicted to heroin and shoots up this addictive drug with his mother’s boyfriend. People all over were trying to locate this boy Jimmy but Cooke refused to give any information to those who asked.

Eventually Cooke admitted her story was in fact a made up story and they boy Jimmy did not exist. When she admitted she also had to return her Pulitzer Prize and  was fired from her job as a journalist at the “Washington Post”. Cooke cut off all communications with people and almost disappeared.

Jayson Blair is a former journalist for the “New York Times”, he made up stories for years and let them be published. Blair quit his job after the editor found out that his stories were wrote in an act of plagiarism and fabrication. Soon after quitting Blair decided to get into human resources.

Journalist work hard to provide stories that appeal the audience and with the pressure it may caught the writer to make stuff up so their story can be more appealing. Journalist must have fabulous work ethic and outstanding morals or eventually the journalist will fall and loose it all.