Journalist Crash and Burn

Noah Martinez, Reporter

Most journalist have ethics like knowing right from wrong and are trustworthy but some just have no morals. It’s important for journalist to have a ethic mindset so they can have morals for their company and themselves.

The journalist Stephen Glass was a fabricator in the journalism world. Glass had such a bad habit in lying that he started writing libels. Most of his stories from “New Republic” and “Rolling Stone” were either made up or didn’t have right information. He would make up stories because he loved how people were amused by them. Due to his actions he was first suspended, then fired and would never be able to come back to the industry nor be a journalist. He was caught by the “Online Forbes Magazine” due to Forbes searching for facts on his stories. In modern day now he’s trying to be a lawyer but he is struggling due to all the lies he had told before.

Janet Cooke is a former journalist who was caught fabricating a “Pulitzer Price Winning” story that she had written for the “Washington Post”. For example, in the story “Jimmy’s World” by Janet Cooke, you can tell that the story is fake because Cooke pronounced that an eight year old boy shoots up the addictive drug heroin. The repercussion of the publication of the article was that it gave people doubt about journalist.

Cooke was caught because people demanded to know where the boy was so they could help him, but Cooke wouldn’t tell so controversy started and Cooke finally admitted her story was fictitious. So she had no credibility anymore as honest person nor a journalist.

Jayson Blair is a former journalist with “New York Times”. He resigned from the newspaper because of the discovery of plagiarism and fabrication in his stories.

After resigning from the Times, Blair returned to college and planned to go into “Human Resources”. He was also never trusted nor given credit for the things he did because they weren’t honorable.

It’s important for journalist to have ethics so they can keep themselves and their company from avoiding callous harassment and avoid exploitation.