Journalist should always be honest

Jesus Rodriguez, reporter

It is bad if journalist ever lie because it would affect them in their future. Journalist should always be trustworthy.

In the movie  “Shattered Glass” Stephen Glass is a reporter at The New Republic, where he has made a name for himself for writing stories. He wrote many magazines and stories at The New Republic. He would write fake items in the stories he would write. Everyone would believe that his articles were true but until one day when his editor Michael Kelly decided to investigate about the events that he mentioned in the story.

Glass was caught by lying and even more by inventing fake email address,  voice mails, and websites. Glass now wants to be a lawyer but California denies for him to practice law.

Janet Cooke the author of  “Jimmy’s World” had made up the article. One example from the article is when it says that Jimmy is an 8 year old and a third generation heroin addict. Another example from the story is when she said that Jimmy’s mother Andrea accepts her son’s habit as a fact of life.

Cooke became infamous when it was discovered  that her story that she had written for The Washington Post was fabricated.

Johann Hari  is a British writer and journalist. He is a journalist who has written regular columns for The Independent (London) and The Huffington post. He was suspended with charges of plagiarism. He was also accused of making malicious edits of several critics.

It is important for a journalist to be ethical so they won’t get fired from their job.