The First Amendment

Mirena You, Reporter

Is the power of having freedom being used in a inappropriate matter or that we should have the freedom to do everlasting we want? Having freedom to do things is very important to us but can be over powered and taken advantage of  because of the people that think that having the first amendment they are able to do anything. But there’s also people who doesn’t follow through with the First Amendment and takes the advantage of someone who doesn’t know about it and use it against them.

As one example there’s a case that was called Bethel school District V. Fraser in the year of 1986. The case was about a student named Mathew Fraser who made a speech for nominating this fellow friend. In his speech it seemed that there were a few graphic sexual metaphor in his speech. After the speech he was suspended for two days for giving an inappropriate speech (graphic sexual metaphor) in front of school. But the thing that got Fraser upset was the fact that he was taken off the ballet of giving a speech for graduation. Later then he filed a lawsuit claiming that the school was taking away his right of freedom of speech. The school fought back and they went to a few courts to settle it.

In Mathew Fraser speech he stated, “I know a man who is firm; He is firm in his pants.” After the suspension and having the graduation being taken away he went to the court and said, “They violated my freedom of speech”.

In an SPLC story called Arkansas High School Administers Censors Yearbook Profile of a Gay Student the case talks about how a boy profile was taken down cause of the information that was in it which says that he is gay. A student named Taylor Ellis had a story made of him saying that he was gay but it didn’t bother him nor his family but was still taken down by the administers cause of the reason of it being s concern that the story might have a bad repercussions. Later then Ellis and Bruner the one who wrote the article took it to the court.

Ellis said that him putting up the profile int he yearbook would harm anybody but would actually help others student who are scared to not be afraid and that his profile story could stop the suicides of the people who are scared or bullied to stand up for themselves.

There was a KKK rally that was allowed. the KKK rally was about how they didn’t agree with gay marriage and how they want to stop it. Many people was there but mostly there to disagree with them. Many of the KKK members hide their identities to help prevent danger to themselves and their families.

They once had stated, “We disagree with gay marriage, it shouldn’t happen, it’s not right.”

The First Amendment can be great but can also be cruel on people.