First Amendment Rights

Victor Villanueva, Reporter

People’s first amendment rights are be taken from them every day and should stop. Everybody has a first amendment rights and no one can take that from anyone.

In the Kansas school district report they are giving students $50 tickets to anyone that uses profanity in school. As said in the report “profanity tickets are given to students whose language causes a substantial disruption at school. Profanity is a disturbance to the learning community,” said the school district. Tyler Bowen, a senior at Maize High School said he understands profanity is against school rules and cursing would come with school consequences but said giving someone a legal ticket seems a bit excessive.

Given that I think that giving tickets to student’s for cursing is going to far on that and it should change.

The Tinker Vs Des Moines case is also about unfair and stupid reason for suspending students for wearing arm band’s and supposedly not taking them off. They wore arm bands to protest the Vietnam war and the school will suspend them if not taking off. A  student named Tinker made an arm band with her brother and brought it to school the next day. When she did, the school threatened her to take it off or be suspended.

I don’t think they should have taken that from the girl when it really didn’t mean anything bad.

Even the KKK has the right to free speech. Even tho it isn’t right for them to burn the cross, I think the police should stop them. KKK is a klan of hatred and racism against any race. They should stop what they do because I think that is some racism stuff and know one likes it.

My opinion on the first amendment rights is that it is important for us to have it otherwise people would just do what they want and this country would just be bad.