First Amendmend is Unlimited!

Kayla Woodard, Reporter

Students have the power to exercise their First Amendment Rights. The First Amendment gives the right to freedom to students.

April Fools article: Gone Bad.Court case Leeb V DeLong, 1984. David Leeb was the student editor of  Rancho Alamitos High School, newspaper was faculty supervised. March 28, 1984 April fools edition was sent to DeLong (principal) for approval. On page three of article featured a column about PlayBoy scotting including photo without students knowledge of what photo was actually for.Leeb lost case, but would’ve won if he said outline was libelous, students won because section 48907 of the Education Code permitted the censorship was unconstitutional.

In the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) report First Amendment rights are pushed for personal reasons. Schools do not have the authority to police what students are doing or saying off campus, especially when those actions have no effect on campus. The lawsuit alleged violations of Stratton’s First Amendment right to free speech and Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures. “Stratton was intimidated, particularly by the presence of Deputy Mitchell. She had no choice, and eventually, she involuntarily gave the group her login information,” the lawsuit says.

Even the KKK has the right to free speech. In the documentary “Live Free”, Steven Edward, Grand Dragon, KKK, stated ,”It’s not illegal to be white in this country, we don’t burn crosses we light them, and my family supports my decision of being a KKK member.” Protesters against KKK held up “down with hate” signs to show their disagreement with KKK beliefs. With this it shows that the First Amendment gave not only KKK members the right to their opinions, but protesters as well.

In closing, I would like the opportunity to thank the creators of the First Amendment because they basically gave “The People” unlimited rights on what we can say or how we stand up for our individuality. In my opinion, I feel that people who are coming from other states trying to gain citizenship in the United States care more about their freedom as opposed to us who already have our citizenship. We care more about the limit of freedom we have instead of the fact we actually have freedom.