Yoda the Contraband Dog.

Mirena You, Reporter

Stockton Unified School District has created a K-9 program with a contraband dog. Officer Curtis Jue and the new Jack Russel terrier district dog are the first in the program. They got the dog to help save money and help better SUSD and to stop the use of drugs in school. It’s a good thing that the SUSD police has gotten the contraband dog.

Officer Jue and Yoda aka the contraband dog will keep us safe and protect us from harm. The SUSD contraband canine was trained to find many types of powder that bring any danger in anyway such as gunpowder, black powder and smokeless powder. Yoda the district dog was also trained to find any type of drug such as marijuana (weed) and cocaine etc. To help keep the students safe and to stop them from all the distractions that the drugs give them while in school; and to learn and to focus on school.

Officer Jue once stated that Yoda is always on his job no matter where he’s goes. Also he said that when Yoda finds or senses that something like drugs or powder is there he will stay by the location where he thinks or know where its at. Another way he shows that he has discovered something he would also act viciously towards the place he thinks its at.

Both Officer Jue and Yoda would both create a better stockton and help us on saving money. They both can help us get rid of the drugs and other dangerous items that would be in school. It saves us money by not originally paying 48,000 dollars to hire one, that’s for 1 year only and that barely comes around to the school.

The cost to buy and train yoda or any type of dog would only cost 5,000 dollars which is way less that paying 48,000 dollars to hire or rent one for only one year.

If they wouldn’t have gotten Yoda he would of been put down because the shelter wouldn’t keep the dogs for long if nobody would adopted them.

They got Yoda form the K-9 Specialized and Consulting, a northern California firm.