Yoda Keeping Kids Safe

Amanda Garcia , Reporter

Students every day are doing drugs at school They start choosing to bring it in school. Yoda the dog can prevent that from happening. Yoda will keeps kids safer.

Yoda can not exactly stop students from doing it but he can prevent it from happpening. Students will be focus more and be less stressed if they don’t bring it to school. They will be able to stay on task without worrying about getting caught. Students can just do their thing after school.

Officer Curtis Jue says that students should never bring drugs in school, wait until after school. If they wait until after school I suppose they would have more fun.

Yoda does school searches. When Yoda is put on the ground he gets to work right away. He will sniff everyone’s belongings at once. If he finds something Yoda will not bark or scratch, he will just sit there and stare and be quiet.

Jue said that Yoda is not like other dogs. I believe him because he can’t have the freedom like others or get to sleep all the time.

Officer Jue takes Yoda home every day with him. They are basically together 24/7. Yoda only eats dog food. Yoda gets to play when he is home. He knows when it’s play time by the collars he has. He has one for working and one for playing.

Jue explained that Yoda is in the car all day so if he eats people food he will need to use the bathroom. He sits in a car about 8 hours a day. The whole backseat is ripped out and replaced by a kennel. There is a tube connected from the front so he can get air conditioning. The car must be running at all times.