Our New Four-legged Protector

Kayla Woodard, Reporter

Make way, Officer Curtis Jue and his new four-legged bestfriend Yoda are coming through!

Meeting officer Jue was a great experience for me because he was a really interesting guest. The most informational thing he said was,”To become a police officer, you have to have a high school diploma, a clear background, moral character, and be at least 21 years of age.” With Officer Jue being there I also had the pleasure of meeting his new contraband dog, Yoda, who in fact is a Jack Russel terrier.

Yoda can make things brighter for education, keep us safe, and out of harms way when learning. Yoda is trained to find gunpowder, fireworks, and smokeless powder. The K-9 is also trained to find methamphetamine (meth), heroin, cocaine, and marijuana. With his help we can keep drugs out of school, making it easier for students to focus. Jue said that Yoda has not yet found contraband in school, but has found all required contraband in training.

Yoda sends out a “protection” image. We know when we see a dog on campus he’s searching students. We, as students, have to realize we can be harmed by what is hidden. Jue assured us the main purpose for Yoda was by stating, “To make sure we have a safe place to learn.”

Yoda’s friendly behavior and Jue’s well-spoken personality soothes the intensity of having a contraband dog on campus. Yoda is a laid-back kind of dog wanting to relax when at home and listen to Bruno Mars. He has a lot of energy, but when on the job he takes it as serious as Jue. One way Yoda can tell between work and play because he has two collars. One everyday collar and a search collar. Officer Jue likes having Yoda around because he’s so full of life and he adds excitement to Jue’s career. My favorite quote that I will end my paper with and most importantly, always remember..Is when one of my classmates asked him why he wanted to be a police officer he answered, “I became a police officer to help people who weren’t able to help themselves.”

And that wraps things up, until next time readers, Goodbye!