Local Food Reviews

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Here is a look at some of the local restaurants in the Stockton area. With the holiday season surrounding us, you may want to sneak away from family meals to have some peace and quiet while you fill your face. Here are some ideas for that quick secret getaways. 

The Waterloo Restaurant

The Waterloo Restaurant is a place for families and people who just want to have a drink and have a place to go and socialize. Although the food is very pricey, their workforce is good. The staff helped us with anything even when they were busy. The atmosphere of the restaurant was a nice welcoming laid laid-back feel.

However, I am a very picky eater and they do not offer a variety of foods to select from. I figured I could just go with my simple stand-by food, but that proved to be upsetting as they didn’t even have fries. They had mostly on the dinner menu but no burgers. They also had limited choices for pasta and seafood.

I recommend it to people who like steaks and soft drinks because that’s what they mostly provide. In addition, the workers there were very welcoming and respectful which creates a positive and warming atmosphere. Overall, it was a great first-time experience eating out at Waterloo Restaurant, I didn’t have many expectations but at the end of the day, my taste buds are satisfied. 

Chic- Fil- A

Chick-fil-A’s Deluxe Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Nuggets Meal were indeed tasteful and a good experience. The quality of the meal was fresh and satisfied my needs.

Along with the Chick-fil-A workforce, they were all respectful, patient, and nice. Considering they are always busy and there was a long line, they still were respectful to others. I recommend this fast food restaurant to others because the quality of the whole company including the workers and food is outstanding.