Hey Chavez senior, need some money for college?

Hey Chavez senior, need some money for college?

Jessica Ramirez, Reporter

Have you guys been wondering how to get a scholarship and where you can apply for them? Well, there are many opportunities out there for students to get money for college. Students can apply for any scholarship that suits them the best. It also depends on what field of study a student would want to get into and what they aspire to be in the future.

The Financial Aid 101 workshop will be Tuesday, 9/7 @ 9 AM. This presentation will explain what to expect when filling out the Financial Aid application. If you would like to attend this workshop, please sign up on the board outside of the Career Center. There are many scholarships you can sign up for outside of the career center.

If your parents didn’t graduate from school then there’s a scholarship from The University of Pacific you can apply to exactly for that. Students would only be paying about 5 thousand a year for UOP.  All the scholarships have separate pricing and benefits.  Here are some dates for presentations that provide you with information you want to learn about some colleges you want to attend.

–  September 8th, 2021    @9:00am            University of Pacific CIP Presentation

–  September 14th, 2021  @9:00am             Grand Canyon University Presentation

–  September 21st, 2021  @1:00pm              Navy Presentation

–  September 28th, 2021  @9:00am            Marine Presentation

A Stockton scholar scholarship is a $4000 scholarship for students attending a 4-year college/university and a $1000 dollar scholarship for students who plan to attend a 2-year community college or trade school. Since Delta is a community college it is now free to attend, you can also grow more within it and then transfer to another school depending on your aspirations. You can also get more recognition there and get noticed there if you’re planning on playing sports and getting a sports scholarship with good grades and skills. Here’s the link to go through the SUSD scholarship process: SUSD Scholarship Application Process.docx – Google Docs

The first thing colleges look at if you’re planning on getting a scholarship is your grades so make sure you stay on top of you’re work and be the best athlete you can be. Be a STUDENT-ATHLETE, as you can see student comes before an athlete because you can be an amazing athlete but without the grades, you can only go so far. So going to a community college and finding out your aspirations then transferring is a really good option.

Each year Delta College awards students with scholarships to use towards their education. They are awarded for various amounts of reasons such as major, financial need, program completion, and academic performance. That application opens up every year in January. Also, Pacific Gas and Electric company foundation are awarding $250,000 in STEM scholarships to local students. The program will award 20 scholarships of $10,000 each and 20 scholarships of $2,500 each. The application deadline is June 1, 2021. Awards of Up to $10,000. In order to be eligible, the requirements are : 

– Applications are open to graduating high school seniors, current college students, U.S. military veterans, and adults returning to school who are PG&E customers at the time of application.

– Applicants must plan to enroll in the full-time undergraduate study for the entire 2021-2022 academic year and be seeking their first undergraduate degree at an accredited four-year institution in California.

– Students enrolled in the following majors are eligible: Engineering (electrical, mechanical, industrial, environmental, power, and/or energy) Computer Science, Information Systems or Cyber Security Environmental Science.


Below is a list of Scholarships, When the dates to apply are due, and how much money:

The Babe Ruth League: September 1st ( $1,000)

Bryan Cameron Education Foundation:  September 1st ($1,000)

The Gates Scholarship: September 10th ( money varies) 

The DDSRank Dental Scholarship: September 19th ($500)

All things Nature: September 1st ($500)

Golden 1 Scholarship : TBD ( up to $5,000)

Because College is expensive scholarship: September 21st- 30th ($500)

Digital Responsibility:  September 21st- 30th ($1,000)

Yates & Wheland:  September 21st- 30th ($1,000)


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