Ways to stay safe to and from work

Ways to stay safe to and from work

Debane Mendoza

People walk to work all the time or have a job where you may have to talk to some strange people. It can be scary when you start to work and have no clue how to stay safe. Since I started working, I have been getting more concerned about my safety every day. Personal safety is super important and it’s great to learn tricks for how to stay safe. 

The best thing a person can get to stay safe is a safety keychain. There are tons of them all over the internet and some are very cheap. Safety keychains usually have pepper spray, a small alarm, and a window breaker. This can be a great addition to have in your bag at all times. 

It’s normal to want to listen to music while walking home or towards your car after work. One thing you can do is to only wear one headphone or earphone. It can be hard to hear someone walking behind you and that can make you an easy target. By going with only one ear impaired you will be able to better hear what is going on around you. 

If it’s possible, try to get a friend to accompany you if you choose to walk home. If you can’t then try calling someone and talk to them the whole time until you arrive. You can also try to get someone to watch you walk to your car if you drive home. 

If you want something that can be more long-term then you can take self-defense classes. Whether that be in person or search up tutorials online. There are tons of other ways you can protect yourself and all you have to do is a little research.