2021 Mustang Mach E

2021 Mustang Mach E

Bryan Gutierrez

The new 2021 Mustang mach-e is something different. It doesn’t sport the big V8 or even a V6 for that matter. Instead the new addition to the Mustang family is a fully electric SUV. The Mustang convertible and coupe are still for sale but this is a new family member to the mustang family, an electric performance SUV.

There are four versions of the mach-e the base version of the mach-e starts around $41k with 266hp and 250 miles of range, the top-end version is called GT cost around $61k with 480hp and around the same range as the base versions. This puts it against Tesla’s Model Y as top competitors especially around mid to top-level trims, at least on paper.

The Mustang mach-e has some cool features starting off with the key, it’s a pretty standard key fob, but you can also download an app to your phone that syncs up with your mach-e and does pretty much everything from turning on your car to checking your mileage. The screen in the middle has different profiles of people who often drive, the car tailors itself differently based on who is driving, for example, it shows a shorter driving range if you are more aggressive compared to a slower driver.

In my opinion, the Mustang beats the Model Y in handling and technology. The Model Y does in fact beat the Mustang in range by 50 miles, but most people don’t go the full 250 to 300 miles in a day or even a week. I personally prefer the mach-e’s look compared to the Model Y, but it comes down to preference.