Gender Reveal Into Flames


Izeria Abram

On September 5, in Yucaipa at El Dorado Ranch Park a fire started spreading “From the park to the north on to Yucaipa Ridge that separates Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls from the city” city officials said.  

This indent took place due to a smoke-generating pyrotechnic device which was being used during a gender reveal photo shoot over labor day weekend. Pyrotechnic devices are small quantities of less powerful primary explosives. They can take many forms and are used to provide motion, perform work, ignite materials, generate gas, and accomplish many other tasks. However in this case, it accomplished something no one in California wanted. Another large wild fire. 

The fire grew up to 18,092 acres and is 60% controlled as of reports on September 16.

According to San Bernardino,the fire supposedly is expected to continue burning down the hill toward Highway 38  and  “fire crews are in position to directly attack the fire with both hand lines and hose lines,” a spokesman for the San Bernadino Fire Department explained. 

Oh and if you´re wondering what the gender was it´s a boy.