Armond Morris

On the morning of Saturday December 14, 2019 there was a Star Wars event on Fortnite that people can only describe as ‘crazy.’ People already  knew an event was going to happen due to the giant countdown in the sky, but no one knew what was going to happen.

In Fortnite, before countdowns end, people often times will join a Fortnite lobby and wait for the countdown to tick away. When in a lobby while the countdown is ending you can not kill each other. After the final second has ticked away Fortnite takes control of you’re character and you can’t do anything, but watch the event.

The new event was a special Star Wars event. The event started off with the Millennium Falcon flying through the sky. Right after we see Imperial Destroyers arrive from hyper speed. Then the shooting starts as the Falcon gets into a dog fight with Tie Fighters, before destroying all of them. When the fighting ended the Millennium Falcon lands and two people come out of the ship who appear to be a Storm Trooper and an alien looking guy.

The alien spoke to everyone in the Fortnite lobby and was talking about how they are adding new Star Wars things around the map. The Storm Trooper was just standing behind the alien guy dancing while he talked. When the alien was done talking JJ Abrams, the director of Star Wars appeared. When  everyone was done talking people got to vote which Star Wars clip they wanted to watch and Star Wars started playing on a big screen on Fortnite. The clip played for about two minutes and after it was done the people that arrives on the Millenium Falcon got back on their ship and left. Just then another tie fighter appeared and the Fortnite game started again.