Blast To The Past


Spirit week runs from October 14 – 18. Dress up and support your school.

Aleesa Ponce

Cesar Chavez students we will be having our homecoming spirit week as soon as we return from fall break, so be ready. Starting on Monday October 14-18 we will blast to the past getting groovy to going grunge and ending it off with our black and gold Titan gear.

Groovy Monday will have us going back to the 60’s, bringing out our colorful tie dye clothing and anything that shows peace, love and happiness.

Disco Dancing into Tuesday we will bring out our 70’s disco wear being flashy with our collars out and patterns everywhere.

The 80’s will make us bust a quick sweat (workout Wednesday) so dress comfy and be ready as it is our campus wide “Wednesday, Test Day.”

Coming back into the 90’s on Thursday we will be rocking our plain tees, flannels, and ripped jeans to support the grange movement of Seattle rock-n-roll.

Going into our last spirit week day Friday, we want all students to rep their Black and Gold Titan gear.